Cyclewala (The Cyclist)- IV

When the whole world seemed burning down into angry ashes, he swept into the ocean of his favorite books shutting the doors and windows leading his way to the endless night. The manuscripts are pure enlightenment, he alleged if the whole world could be one, for once?


The morning alarm rang. He cleared his eyes and gazed around the new sun coming up with fresh winter breeze fluttering the collar of his shirt from the left. It was a good time for mountaineering, he muttered while stepping down the ladder to reach for his bicycle. “You know what, I always wanted to take you the hills. It’d be fascinating, don’t you think?”. The bicycle didn’t respond. The cyclist giggled, and got in his cyclist aura and pushed forth the paddle.

The mountains were a little of 15 km away and a straight link leading was the only link leading. He claimed himself to be the most consistent cyclist ever. He only knew of the people with chubby voices that lingers on like noises in most minds.

So, he was leaving the construction investments of the cities behind and welcoming the vibrant colors the trees were taken from the sunlight. He was gleaming there too, proceeding towards his destiny fueled by his determination. The roads were clean, people were clean and the morning had much to offer than a cleaner motive instead for people who owe themselves their plight which they tend to forget in the evenings and ponder to skip the times which they for every time can prosper.

Meeku, his age-old friend lives down the foothills of the mountain world. He thought he could pay a visit once he returns back but subdued this idea and decided to meet him ongoing. He called through the Bluetooth headset he got from an online store in mid-September and pinched his phone number.

Cyclist: “Hello! This is me! Where are you?”

Meeku: ” Well Hello there! I’m at home. Where are you?”

Cyclist: ” Just passing by. I thought I would meet you!

Meeku: ” Why, yes, of course! Come come, I’ll make some tea for us. ”

Cyclist: ” No! No! No! No tea. I’m on my bicycle. I’ll just meet and go!
Meeku: ” Oh! You first come, then we’ll see!”.


Meeku had an infinite sense of the Cyclist. He knew if he was coming up to him, it may have a rigid reason or no reason at all. Within a quarter of an hour, he was able to hear the doorbell.

Meeku: “Where you been chased by a hare all through the starry night?”

Cyclist:” Indeed! I’ve been followed by witches too!”

Meeku: ” Yea! That for sure! So, I must ask, what brings you here?!”

Cyclist:” Do I need a reason, you think? Just wanted to see you and blah!”

Meeku:” Your eyes speak the truth but your mouth can’t. I sense something fishy…”

Cyclist:” Not exactly. But yea, there’s something I want to ask you… Very important… Very secret… And you must listen carefully!”

Meeku: ” Why yes! A secret for life buddy! Just tell me, I’ll be your locker…”

Cyclist: ” You know me right? Tell me yes or no!”

Meeku:” Of course I do! You know, mine-yours friends, relatives, everyone knows that we are closest of friends… Friends for life buddy!”

Cyclist: ” That is alright! But…”

Meeku:” But what?”

Cyclist: ” But what if I change? Change right now…?”

Meeku: ” Like change for what? I didn’t catch you…”

Cyclist:” Just a change buddy… Like the weather that changes from rain to Sunshine… Humid to cool… That way…”

Meeku:” That depends….”

Cyclist: ” On what?”

Meeku:” Look I know you for a very long time. I know you. So, I must answer without any room for confusion…”
Cyclist:” I’m listening.”

Meeku:” You don’t always see what’s been accomplished, I think that’s your weaker point. It’s good for some folks but for you… Nop!”

Cyclist:” Hey! You didn’t understand.. you are just…”

Meeku:” Don’t you interrupt while I speak and let me speak today, I want to… Believe it or not… But everyone in this miserable world is living a life. They change every moment, every second or their life.. so do you and so do me. It’s just that you overthinking things…”
Cyclist: ” Yea but this time it’s simply an idea. What if I yell on you right now without any reason, will you make a decision if I had gone mad or something?”

Meeku: ” Anyone will get offended with what bad one has to say to the other! But I will first search for something in myself if you give me surety paper that you aren’t mad! Which you already are! Hahaha!”

Cyclist:” Well, this brings some logic… So, you particularly saying that one has a reason to introspect in himself if another one is in one belief not insane and in another not joking…”

Meeku: ” Exactly!”

Cyclist:” What if I changed my life, yelled on it, and wants an introspection from its side?”

Meeku:” First of all, do you think you and your life are two different things? It isn’t I tell you, and everyone knows it…”

Cyclist:” Yea if everyone knows they and their life is one, why don’t they get up and chase what they dream for? Why are they living? What are they doing? What am I doing right now? ”

Meeku: ” Why are you so worried about them?!! You take care of yourself, the world will take of itself!”

Cyclist: ” I’m the world buddy! I’m a part of it. The world rises that’s why I rise. And so do you! You do something because the world wants you to so something in that time. You surely not into striking the stones business, are you?”

Meeku:” I think you are in a misconception… You, you know what you are? The world… Right? You are the world… You take care of yourself, the world takes care of itself.. simple! You wait… You fail… You achieve, the world achieves… This is how things work!”

Cyclist:” That’s bookish! I won’t prefer learning that way!”

Meeku:” What if I say you rise, then the world rises? You open your eyes, see the world, hear what’s around, sense the time, and breath and let yourself immense in that period, so deeply, so purely everyday, every night! You see, everything’s so simple but divine. Its just life…”

Cyclist:” It’s been offered to everybody around the world. It’s for everybody you see around… What just makes up the difference?

Meeku: ” That’s awful an argument… What difference exactly ha?! Go home you are drunk!”

Cyclist:” Yea, that’s much of a wrapper in the thunderstorm kind of thing. I guess, you are sensible this time!”
Meeku: “I’m. Like always!”

Cyclist:” I’ve got what I need. I got to leave now. The sun is glaring higher!”

Meeku:” I can’t stop you, even the wind can’t. It helps apparently to shape you… To be you… Just go!”


He paddled right through the alley of Meeku’s house to resume the journey he was into. It’s better to have a talk like this sometimes, he thought.

To be continued…


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Yetesh Sharma

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