From The Shore To The Skyline

Had it been a better place to spew dirt, it would have been plausible,

But, you know, they already knew that we just weren’t meant to be.

These will all be useless words spread across the useless shore of my imagination,

To the rather wonderous, yet useless skyline of my reality. So, be it.


I came here, alas! It’s all already over – the charm of the good times when everyone was here,

But I’ll stay here and watch the clouds go by without a speck of rain.

All I came here was for the humiliation that was awaited from the days of my glory,

That too really was a sham awaiting disclosure for my and their ultimate pleasure.


I realise how time has passed by, without me in the course of the story,

A place to go by, someone to meet, someone to interact and someone to be something, somewhere.

All it is now a waste, in the dying dust of infinity, just an impulse for being great,

Yes, it is and it seems that it will all there be. I’d say – So be it.


From the shore to the skyline, imagination and reality – there’s a difference and I guess there will be,

For there is something I wanted to say and so I did.


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