Inception 2

By inception towards the end,

Same skies same eyes same little lives.

Loud and clear some words to hear,

Yearned at large by heart so smart.

Awful sacred secrets of past deeds,

Awesome some senses to strive for the streak.

To aim to point at large and large,

To step aside some feet laid apart.

Some wave walker to step inside,

To the world all untrodden.

Some kites to hike above the sky,

To the colors of bright light and lights.

What plans did fail and furrow,

And frowns quickly in action.

What walk could the land behold,

With mere surprises to mind and soul.

Up to the mist and snow, for how,

The long one has to bow before the show.

Up to the mystic stories destiny narrates,

To embellish the fields green but desperate.

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Yetesh Sharma